Idol Threats

Feature – Neo-noir | Dark Comedy. Set in the neon glow of Hollywood in 1988, during the heady days of Miami Vice, Madonna, and MTV. Idol Threats tells the story of four desperate  friends, who conspire to drive a washed-up 70s teen idol to commit suicide, so they can capitalize on his death.

Idol Threats is an art-minded specialty film with universal appeal, that derives much of it’s flavor from the period. It’s a character driven story exploring the desperation of show business and the ravages of fame – it’s about ambition, love, friendship, and betrayal, and what it’s like to be so close to having everything, only to lose it.

The screenplay was written by Aria Wilson & Christopher Corey Smith. The projected budget is $1.25M, with Christopher Corey Smith producing and Rand Vossler directing. The project is currently in the development stage, with no commitments from actors. Casting will commence once financing is in place.

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