The third film on the NSM slate is Creepers – a classic haunted house formula meets the terror of supernatural home invasion. 

Creepers Terrorize Southland – 

The Story – It’s the sweltering and smoggy summer of 1969, and the Cult of Eli has Los Angeles in the grip of fear. Locked doors are useless against the marauding teens and their enigmatic leader. Nightly reports flood police precincts from hysterical citizens who awaken to find their power cut and shrouded figures creeping through their homes.

While most of the terrified residents are left alive, others are not as fortunate. After the grisly murder of a famous actress and her houseguests (their hearts torn form their chests), investigators are able to track the cult to their compound in the dusty hills north of the city.

Though ordered to bring in the “family” alive, the police spray the compound with bullets and burn it to the ground. Only two girls survive. Eli’s body is nowhere to be found.

The 21st Century

The compound property lies empty and desolate for forty years, until Charlie Mason’s dad builds a home for his family on the site. The prospect of a blended-family summer beckons, even though new step-siblings Bethany and Tyler are none-too-pleased to share the house with “creepy” Charlie.

When the adults go out of town, the teenaged trio, isolated and alone, must fend for themselves as shadowy figures crawl the walls of their rooms at night.

But the Creepers are only the beginning. Soon a sinister figure appears outside, and the killings begin. Anyone who ventures close to the property is brutally murdered.  It’s Eli. And he wants to come in.

Part Poltertgiest, part Helter Skelter. Creepers is a new take on the classic haunted house formula. What do you do when you can’t stay inside… but you can’t go out?!

Eli’s coming! Hide your heart!And whatever you do, don’t invite him in!

Minimal sets/locations keep production costs down. And Charles Manson.

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